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FREE Voicemail

If you're unable to receive a call, don't worry. We will record any message left by your customer and email it to you instantly for FREE 24 hours a day.

FREE Out Of Hours

Even when your business is closed, we will automatically anwer any calls made to your number. We will record any message left by your customer and email it to you for FREE 24 hours a day.

FREE 01 / 02 Number

Stop advertising your home or mobile number. Get a brand new UK telephone number for FREE and use it as your primary business number. It's time to get professional!

FREE Support

We operate a FREE support system, so if you ever need anything changing, just drop us a line and we'll do it.

Saving you time

We will answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can get on with operating your business. No more sitting around waiting for that important phone call. We'll handle it for you.

Saving you money

Why waste money on extra phone lines when you can have your calls professionally answered and redirected to a number of your choice from only £5 per month.

Never miss a call again !


Auto Attendant is a Virtual Receptionist Service that answers telephone calls on your behalf and redirects them to where you want them to go. When your customer calls they will hear a professionally recorded message introducing your company and then we will redirect that call to either your mobile or other landline number.

Why waste money on a second phone line for your business? We will provide you with a FREE 01 or 02 geographical UK telephone number that you can use as your primary business number. This also means you can stop displaying your mobile number as a main means of contact and use your new number. This not only gives a more professional impression, it also gives you more control over the calls that come in to your business and never miss a call again. As we have access to all area codes in the UK, you can now have a presence anywhere in the country.


Our service charges are very simple. Each destination (the number which the incoming call is forwarded to) costs £5 per month plus the cost of redirecting the call. Calls to UK landlines are charged at 1p per minute and to UK mobiles, 10p per minute. You will receive an itemised bill each month and payment is taken by direct debit.



If you're not able to answer the call when it is redirected to you, we will record any message left by your customer and email the conversation to you straight away for FREE.

If required, we can also provide you with an out of hours messaging service so that your customers can leave a message, even when your office or business is closed. Again this is a FREE service.

Auto Attendant Virtual Receptionist Services

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Auto Attendant IVR Virtual Receptionist Service

Benn Kay

Finance Director, Asbestos In Homes Ltd.

We were looking for a way to manage our incoming calls as we kept missing them. The whole process was simple and straight forward.

Auto Attendant IVR Virtual Receptionist Service

Wes Hutchingson

Owner, Sat-Works Ltd.

We were looking for a way to manage our out of hours calls more efficiently. This system works perfectly. 

Auto Attendant IVR Virtual Receptionist Service

Sam Scoffield

Director, Besa Group Ltd.


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